Professionals able Barx Wear win the first prize in the IV Contest Llutxent juicy rice in a contest that was very close.

The event was part of the Monastery of Corpus Christi, where the president of the Diputación de Valencia, Alfonso Rus, gave first prize to the winners, accompanied by the mayor of Llutxent.

In turn, the professionals said it is essential to work with enthusiasm and support events such as the Vall d'Albaida where we discuss the best cuisine of all life along with other more innovative recipes.

The keys to this contest include the development of rice in casserole or iron and use the same raw material by all participants: Arroz de Valencia with Designation of Origin, chicken, rabbit, snails and vegetables.

The restaurant's Wear Barx has won the third prize of the sixth edition of the contest of Llutxent Arrós Galdos, which was held in the cloister of the Monastery of Corpus Christi in the municipality.

In the event, participated prestigious restaurants in the Valencian Community, and the jury was composed of caterers, food writers and leading figures of the institutional and cultural world.


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